Java Certification Training

  • Learn Java Webservices through industry cases
  • Java is a platform independent language and is used globally
  • Java Certification Training gives you knowledge on concepts of array, loops, functions, collections, threads, servlets
  • Java Certification Training covers various topics of core java as well as advanced java

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    Students empowered



    30 hrs

    Recommended 30-35 hrs

    Key Highlights

    • Experienced Trainers
    • Profile Building
    • Designed for Professionals
    • Dedicated Student Representative
    • Case Studies and Live Practical Project
    • Doubt Clearing Session
    • Complete Practical Training
    • No Cost EMI

    Tools Covered

    tools coveredtools coveredtools coveredtools coveredtools coveredtools covered

    Course Details

    Learn from the best industry experts across the globe.


    Java Certification Training

    5 Batches

    32 Hours

    Detailed curriculum

    • Types of Resources in Azure
    • Understanding Azure Resource Manager and Types of Templates
    • Fundamenals of Azure
    • About Azure Storage and its types
    • Overview on Cloud Computing

    Hands On:

    • Manage Azure Cost and Billing Service
    • Create and Deploy ARM templates
    • Create a web app service using Azure Portal
    • Create a free tier Azure account
    • Manage Azure Storage account using Storage Explorer

    • Azure Blob Storage
    • Network Infrastructure in Azure
    • Creating Virtual Machines in Azure
    • Overview of Azure Virtual Machine
    • Working with Subnetworks, IP Addresses in Azure
    • Types of Virtual Machines in ARM Template
    • Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machine
    • Azure Managed Disks
    • Understanding Virtual Machines and its types

    Hands On:

    • Configure Azure Virtual Network
    • Create VM with Storage Account and Managed Disks
    • Create Windows and LINUX Virtual Machines
    • Create BLOB Storage using Azure Portal

    While designing the Teqstories Job guarantee programs, we did not put any limit on the duration. We have designed and included each and every concept that is important for making you a strong Hiree by our hiring partners. The course turned out to be 6 months long but assures you a well wired hands-on experience."

    Indusrty projects are given as assignments and group works upon what parmeters the learner is decided that he/she has mastered that technology? In each Technolgy, we are foccused on providing both theoretical and real time experience in the live sessions and the LMS of the learner will track the activity and progess of assaignments and projects from to time

    Yes you can! Our Pragram is flexible and designed such that students and professionals alike can learn it as per their convinience. A proper intent is required according to the type of batch you choose when Starting the classes to customise the availibilties for you.

    The Program demands the Consistency and hard work and this is for intentful job seekers.However there is Flexibility to stop and resume your training with the next available batch in case of needy events .However the tenure remains the unchanged for the program.

    Industrial Projects

    projects covered

    Online Fashion Store

    Designing and Developing a Fashion store application for stock and price managem...

    projects covered

    Bookstore Ecommerce

    Customer facing bookstore application for enquiring, requesting and buying books...

    projects covered

    Car Shop Inventory

    Car modification shop application to accept, keep track of and deliver order.

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    Program Fee :

    Course fees

    ₹19,940.00 Discount offered worth ₹7,970.00

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    EMI as low as ₹2000/month.
    Just one less outing every month 😉




    There is no pre-requisite for this course. However, any prior experience in programming will be counted beneficial.

    Missing any session is never encouraged. However, in case of unavoidable circumstances, we have still got you covered! You can either go through the LMS videos for your reference, or reschedule a session with trainer based on availability. You can re-attend the missed sessions with any other running batches post contacting your student representative.

    You will be given a flexi pass for a period of 365 days. You can attend unlimited live batches till the pass is valid. You can join the live batches by contacting your student representative.

    You can clear all your doubts via the Teqstories Email support feature. Email support will be provided by the dedicated student support representatives.

    You will have an access to the LMS immediately after enrolling for the course. As of now LMS access is given for a period of 1 year.

    The instructors are the industry professionals with relevant experiences in their domains. They are the subject matter experts. Teqstories, however, regularly monitors the sessions to make sure the trainings delivered comply to our strict quality control parameters to ensure an everlasting learning experience to the learners.

    Online trainings offer much flexibility in terms of time and place to attend the training at. Therefore, it is the most preferred way by working profesionals due to convenience. However certain learners might prefer classroom training based on their interest of learning. You are encouraged to talk to your student representative to decide the better way for you.

    A regular learner can learn this well within 28 hours of Instructer Led Training. However, you have an option for attending multiple sessions a day for completing the course on a faster pace. You will also have flexibility of joining unlimited live batches for a period of one year from the date of enrollment in the course.

    There are three big projects that show up as the training end projects. The headlines in brief go as follows: (1) Fashion store application for stock and price management. (2) Customer facing bookstore application for enquiring and buying books. (3) Car modification shop application to accept, keep track of and deliver order.

    It is suggested to have your own laptop/desktop computer for attending the course. It is not recommended to attend classes on smartphones. For computers, a basic specification of 4 GB RAM, Google Chrome Web Browser, Working mic and speakers with Internet connection will be sufficient.

    Java Certification Course comes with a collection of tools. Some of the highlights are: Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, Maven, GitHub