Python Certification Training Course

  • Python is one of the top trending technologies in the present industry
  • Python Certification Training Course enables you to have a firm grip on programming concept such as oops, data and file operations
  • Learn python with industry used cases
  • Python Certification training sets a platform for your career in data science
  • Master yourself in various python libraries like pandas, numpy

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    24 hrs

    Recommended 25-30 hrs

    Key Highlights

    • Doubt Clearing Session
    • Dedicated Student Representative
    • Complete Practical Training
    • Experienced Trainers
    • No Cost EMI
    • Case Studies and Live Practical Project
    • Job Placement Assistance
    • Designed for Professionals

    Tools Covered

    tools coveredtools coveredtools coveredtools coveredtools coveredtools covered

    Course Details

    Learn from the best industry experts across the globe.


    Python Certification Training Course

    5 Batches

    32 Hours

    Detailed curriculum

    • Executing Your First Program
    • Installing Python 3
    • Python's View
    • Why choose Python 3
    • Some tips for beginners
    • Hands On:

    • How Interpreter execute programs
    • Installation of Python 3
    • Creating environment Variable
    • Creating a hello world script to check interpretation
    • Downloading Python 3

    • Identifiers and Keywords
    • Values and Their Types
    • Variables
    • Hands On:

    • Assigning a value to a variable
    • Differentiating between a valid and Invalid Identifiers
    • Differentiating between a keyword and Identifier
    • Name some types of Values, what function to check the type of a variable

    • Input and Output Statements
    • Statements, line Continuation, Comments, Indentations
    • Operator Precedence
    • Expressions
    • Type Casting
    • Hands On:

    • Demonstrating Manual approach of bitwise operation
    • Comparing output of '/' and '//'
    • Converting int to str and vice-versa
    • Expressions vs Statements
    • Predict output of '/' in python v2.x

    • Switch Statements in Python
    • else and elif Clauses
    • One line if Statements
    • Python's ternary Operator
    • if Statements
    • pass Statements
    • Hands On:

    • Re-write program for calculator application applying switch case functionality in Python
    • Building a basic calculator application
    • Demonstrating one line if by writing a program for greatest of 3 numbers

    • Infinite while Loops
    • Nested while Loops
    • else Clause
    • Iteration, iterable, iterator, iter()
    • while Loops
    • Collections/Iterator based loop
    • Break and continue Statements
    • Iterating through dict, tuples, strings, lists, sets
    • range()
    • for Loops
    • else Clause
    • Hands On:

    • Other numeric series and related programs
    • Checking if a given number is an Armstrong number
    • Identifying Armstrong numbers within a given range
    • Calculation and printing Fibonacci Series till nth term
    • Building a dictionary dynamically

    • tuples assignment
    • Built-In functions, slicing
    • Operators and Builtin Methods
    • String Operations
    • Indexing and Slicing
    • Modifying Strings
    • Dictionaries
    • What is Dictionary
    • Incrementally Building a Dictionary
    • Restrictions On Key and Values
    • Operators and Builtin Methods
    • Lists: Ordered & Arbitrary
    • List and Tuples
    • Sets
    • Operators and BuiltIn Function
    • packing and unpacking
    • Defining tuples
    • Immutable Dictionary
    • Indexing and Slicing
    • Defining Sets
    • Operators and Methods
    • Modifying Sets
    • FrozenSets
    • Hands On:

    • Demonstrate get(), items() , values() and keys()
    • Can a set can hold duplicate Values? Demonstrate
    • Store 3 tuples in another tuple and print it in reverse
    • Name 5 built-in function on list and tuples both
    • What are some properties of Frozen sets? Demonstrate
    • Slice a List and convert it to a set
    • Demonstrate d[1]='w', demonstrate built-in fun on Strings
    • Demonstrate slicing of tuple
    • Convert Immutable dict to a dict
    • Demonstrate unpacking of a tuple

    • Modular Programming
    • Modules in Python
    • Import Statements
    • Local and Global Variables in Python
    • Import Statements
    • Functions Parameters
    • Namespaces
    • Syntax
    • Return Values
    • Recursion and Recursive Functions
    • Arbitrary number of para
    • meters and Keyword Parameters
    • Module search path
    • reload() in 2.x and 3.x
    • Standard Libraries
    • Iterators and Generators
    • Lambda - features, syntax, options, compared to functions
    • Decorators
    • Filter, Reduce, Map
    • Renaming namespaces
    • Hands On:

    • Rewriting Fibonacci Series using method based approach
    • Writing a boolean method and executing in loop to identify Armstrong numbers in an array
    • Rewriting Calculator program using method based approach
    • Changing default search path for modules

    • Overriding, overloading and overwriting
    • Inheritance (multiple inheritance, diamond problem, super and MRO)
    • Destructor
    • OOP in Python
    • Introduction to Classes
    • Constructor Method
    • Methods (Static, class and instance)
    • General Introduction
    • Attributes
    • Getters and setters
    • __str__ and __repr__ Methods
    • Data Abstraction, Encapsulation and Information Hiding
    • Polymorphism
    • Hands On:

    • Adding Laptop Reference in Student class and setting up interclass communication
    • Writing a Student class
    • Writing a Laptop class

    • Package Installation and (Operations)
    • datetime
    • requests
    • Threads
    • Unittest
    • Hands On:

    • Demonstrating date time manipulation using datetime
    • Demonstrating API calls through request modules
    • Writing a multi-threaded countdown timer program

    • Introduction to Pypi
    • Numpy
    • Shallow and Deep Copy
    • Pandas
    • Hands On:

    • Writing program to demonstrate deep and shallow copy
    • Replace items that satisfy a condition with another value in numpy array
    • How to combine many series to form a dataframe?

    • Reading and Writing in the Files
    • Appending in the files
    • File Locations and Paths
    • Examining File contents
    • Opening and Closing Files
    • Hands On:

    • Write a program to copy from one file to another
    • Write a program to count the number of times a character appears in the File

    • Multiple except Clauses
    • Custom-made Exceptions
    • else Clause
    • Exception handling in Python
    • try and except block
    • finally Clause
    • Hands On:

    • Opening a file in read mode which does not exist
    • Rewrite program for factorial of a number with exception handling

    • Understanding Structured Query Language
    • SQLite Database
    • MySQL Database
    • Hands On:

    • Store user inputs in databases
    • Load data from databases

    • Basic Application Structure
    • Installation
    • Web Forms
    • Templating
    • Databases
    • Authentication
    • Sending Emails
    • APIs
    • Testing
    • Hands On:

    • Demonstrating data handling in flask
    • Building UI for sending emails
    • Templating using bootstrap

    • Practical overview of Django
    • Comparison of Django and Flask

    Industrial Projects

    projects covered

    Fashion Store Application

    Fashion store application for stock and price management or modification.

    projects covered

    Bookstore Ecommerce

    Designing and Developing a Customer facing bookstore application for enquiring a...

    projects covered

    Car Shop Inventory

    Car modification shop application to accept, keep track of and deliver orders.

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    There is no pre-requisite for this course. However, any prior experience in programming will be counted beneficial.

    Missing any session is never encouraged. However, in case of unavoidable circumstances, we have still got you covered! You can either go through the LMS videos for your reference, or reschedule a session with trainer based on availability. You can re-attend the missed sessions with any other running batches post contacting your student representative.

    You will be given a flexi pass for a period of 365 days. You can attend unlimited live batches till the pass is valid. You can join the live batches by contacting your student representative.

    You can clear all your doubts via the Teqstories Email support feature. Email support will be provided by the dedicated student support representatives.

    You will have an access to the LMS immediately after enrolling for the course. As of now LMS access is given for a period of 1 year.

    The instructors are the industry professionals with relevant experiences in their domains. They are the subject matter experts. Teqstories, however, regularly monitors the sessions to make sure the trainings delivered comply to our strict quality control parameters to ensure an everlasting learning experience to the learners.

    Online trainings offer much flexibility in terms of time and place to attend the training at. Therefore, it is the most preferred way by working profesionals due to convenience. However certain learners might prefer classroom training based on their interest of learning. You are encouraged to talk to your student representative to decide the better way for you.

    A regular learner can learn this well within 32 hours of Instructer Led Training. However, you have an option for attending multiple sessions a day for completing the course on a faster pace. You will also have flexibility of joining unlimited live batches for a period of one year from the date of enrollment in the course.

    Python developers develop application backends, write scripts to do logical computations and mathematical operations

    There are two big projects that show up as the training end projects. The headlines in brief go as follows: (1) Fashion Store application (2) Book Store application

    It is suggested to have your own laptop/desktop computer for attending the course. It is not recommended to attend classes on smartphones. For computers, a basic specification of 4 GB RAM, Google Chrome Web Browser, Working mic and speakers with Internet connection will be sufficient.

    Python Certification Training course comes with tools like Python, Pycharm