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Terms of use


The site www.Teqstories.com and versatile applications (by and large referred to as the “Stage”) and the data, administrations, and different materials contained in that are given and worked by Teqstories Private Limited (referred to as “we”, “us” or “Teqstories”). Teqstories offers curated and exceptionally structured industry-important confirmation programs on the web.

If you don’t mind, audit our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and different strategies accessible on the Platform (all things considered referred to as the “Terms”) that administer the utilization of the Platform and Programs. Each program may have a different arrangement of terms managing discounts, deferrals, installments, and so on administering such Programs, and our corporate customers may have executed separate composed concurrences with us, which, in case of a contention, will replace these Terms to the degree of the clashing arrangements.

These Terms will apply to Teqstories facilitated versatile applications, WhatsApp gatherings, Facebook gatherings, Instagram pages, Facebook pages, email/SMS/telephone interchanges, and other internet-based life discussions facilitated by Teqstories, which will be esteemed to be a piece of the ‘Stage’ by reference. You recognize that specific pieces of the Platform, as referenced above, are given by outsider specialist organizations, and you consent to maintain their terms and conditions. Teqstories will not be liable for any interruption of administrations brought about by such outsider specialist co-ops.

Please note that the utilization of the Platform and Programs establishes an absolute consent to follow and be limited by the Terms. Despite the fact that you may “bookmark” a specific segment of the Platform and in this manner side step these Terms; your utilization of the Platform despite everything ties you to these Terms.

We may change these Terms every now and then without earlier notification. You should audit this page routinely. You proceeded with the utilization of the Platform and Programs after changes have been caused and will to be taken to show that you have analyzed and acknowledged those changes. You ought not to utilize the Platform or Programs on the off chance that you are not content with any progressions to these Terms.

Teqstories makes no portrayals that the Platform works (or is lawfully allowed to work) in every single geographic territory, or that the Platform or data, administrations or items offered through the Platform are fitting or accessible for use in different areas. Getting to the Platform from regions where the Platform or any substance or usefulness of the Platform or its parts thereof is unlawful is explicitly excluded. In the event that you decide to get to the Platform, you concur and recognize that you do as such on your own drive and at your own hazard and that you are exclusively liable for consistency with every single pertinent law.

Client Conduct Policy

Regardless of whether you have joined up with a Program or are just perusing the Platform when you have gotten to the Platform or Programs, you will be viewed as a ‘client’ with the end goal of these Terms. You are answerable for every one of your exercises regarding the utilization of the Platform and Programs. You consent to completely agree to all appropriate nearby, common, state, national and remote laws, arrangements, and guidelines regarding such use. You will not turn to any dishonest practices while utilizing the Platform.

Without constraint, you won’t post or transmit, or cause to be posted or transmitted, any correspondence or requesting or other “phishing ” or “whaling” message planned or expected to get a secret phrase, account, individual data, classified data or private data from any client of the Platform or some other outsider at all. However, if any such occasion happens, Teqstories will not be subject to any loss of information or if the client’s gadget, PC, or some other property is undermined in any way.

You recognize and concur that Teqstories has the option to report any dubious or criminal behavior to the fitting lawful or police specialists without notice to you.

During your utilization of the Platform and Programs, you will:

  • Not pester different clients, understudies, participants, bolster specialists or guests;
  • Not make a climate of disharmony, antagonism inside understudy gatherings;
  • Not undermine any schoolwork task or tests for the Program;
  • Not post online any made sure about testing materials;
  • Notify the educators quickly on the off chance that you become mindful of some other User cheating or penetrating these Terms, and consent to the prerequisites of the particular pertinent set of principles, assuming any, relating legitimately to a Program into which such client is enlisted.

Client Accounts, User Registration and Delivery of Services

So as to partake in most Platform exercises and to apply for a Program, you should enroll for an individual record (“User Account”) by giving an email address and a unique password.

Endless supply of the Program expenses – to some extent or entire, contingent upon the Program – Teqstories will convey the terms of utilization of the Program and award you access to the Program. The receipt might be furnished to you alongside the email affirmation or inside two (2) months from that point. This will be confirmation of conveyance against the effective installment of charges.

Due to certain outstanding conditions, if Teqstories has allowed you access to a Program pending installment, and Teqstories doesn’t get installments inside the specified time spans, Teqstories may, at its claims watchfulness, pull back your entrance to the Program without giving any earlier notification.

You concur that you will never unveil or share access to your User Account with any outsider in any way, shape, or form. You additionally concur that you will make, use and additionally get to just a single User Account and that you won’t utilize any User Account other than your own.

In setting up your User Account, you might be incited or required to enter extra data, including yet not restricted to your name and email address. Extra data might be required to affirm your personality. You comprehend and concur that all data given by you is exact, current, and complete and that you will keep up and update your data to keep it precise, and complete. You recognize that if any data given by you is false, erroneous, not current or deficient, we claim all authority to end your utilization of the Platform and your enrolment into a Program.

Notwithstanding the enlistment procedure, as a feature of your utilization of the Platform or support in the Programs, we may acquire certain data about you and your exhibition in the Programs. A portion of this data might be Personally Identifiable Information. We may utilize, keep up and store this data to offer specific types of assistance to you now and later on, and may impart such data to our Educational Partners or outsiders related to such administrations or to advertise. For instance, as further nitty-gritty in our Privacy Policy, we may share certain materials or data about you with outsiders, including your evaluations/scores in our classes.

Access to the Programs is limited to participants or understudies who have explicitly been conceded access by Teqstories.

By enlisting your User Account, you concur that:

  • You are enlisted for the Program just a single time and won’t set up various User Accounts; and
  • You will comply with these Terms and any terms explicit to the Program.

Extra prerequisites apply to Students. As a Student, notwithstanding the focuses above, you concur that you are enlisting with the aim to finish the tasks, assuming any that is significant and appropriate to the Platform or Programs into which you have selected.

Installment Terms and Refund Policy

Except if in any case explicitly agreed as a hard copy by Teqstories, full payment for support in a Program is required at the hour of enrollment. On account of Programs that incorporate a preliminary window, such a preliminary window will be made accessible simply after the full installment. During the preliminary window, upon a solicitation by the Student, and as per the general inclination of Teqstories, Teqstories may decide to discount the Program Fees paid, subject to such charges as might be chosen every once in a while. When the preliminary window has shut, there will be no discount took into consideration any explanation at all.

It is the sole duty of the client selecting into a Program to check the exactness of, and assess the reasonableness and significance of, the Program chose. The enrolment into a Program is non-transferable.

To make the installment for any Program or to buy any administrations or items offered by Teqstories through the Platform, you should have a web get to and a currently legitimate acknowledged payment strategy as shown during join (“Payment Method”). Teqstories doesn’t store any of your charge card data or such other data confined by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for handling installment and has joined forces with installment doors for the installment towards the administrations. By utilizing an outsider installment supplier, you consent to keep the conditions of such an installment supplier. You concur that on the off chance that Teqstories’ outsider installment supplier stores any such data, Teqstories won’t be liable for such capacity, and it will be exclusively at your caution to permit the outsider to store such data. Any loss of such data or any misfortune caused by you because of the utilization of such data will be exclusively a misfortune acquired by you, and Teqstories is not the slightest bit subject for any such misfortunes and is neither dependable to repay/make great such misfortunes in any way at all. You likewise consent to pay the relevant charges for the installments made through the Platform.

The inability to pay may bring about the withdrawal of your entrance to a Program. Contingent upon where you execute with us, the sort of installment strategy utilized, and where your installment was given, your exchange with us might be dependent upon remote trade charges or trade rates. Teqstories do not bolster all installment techniques, monetary standards, or areas for installment. All material assessments are determined dependent on the charging data you give to us at the hour of enrolment/buy.

You may drop your enrolment whenever. No discount will be made once the installment (to some extent or entire) for a Program has been made. We don’t give discounts to the absence of use or disappointment.

On the off chance that you have bought in for a free preliminary, the free time for testing will keep going for the time frame indicated during your sign-up. Free preliminaries may not be joined with certain different offers. On the off chance that you have bought into a specific paid help or item inside the last six (6) months, or if your Payment Method, physical location or email address has been related with a record for that paid assistance, you are not qualified to get a free preliminary for that administration or item. On the off chance that you start your membership with a free preliminary, you might be ineligible for specific highlights of an item or administration during your free time for testing.

Utilization of Programs

Teqstories maintains whatever authority is needed to drop or reschedule any Program or live talks/online courses, or to change, adjust or modify the calendar of subjects, just as the point worth or weight of tasks, tests, tests, tests, undertakings and other such assessments of progress. You additionally comprehend that Teqstories, at its sole prudence, may constrain, suspend, or end your utilization of the Platform or Programs or potentially all Teqstories offered types of assistance identified with the Programs, for example, access to Teqstories mentors or bolster administrations, assessment administrations, or confirmations. You likewise comprehend that Teqstories may change or suspend all administrations identified with its Programs at its sole tact. You concur that Teqstories will not be at risk to you or to any outsider for any such change, suspension, or discontinuance. Nothing in these Terms will be translated to commit Teqstories to keep up and bolster the Platform or Programs or any part or bit thereof or any related administrations.

As a state of getting to the Platforms and additionally utilizing the Programs, you consent not to (an) imitate, copy, duplicate, sell, exchange or endeavor for any business reason any Teqstories Content or any bit of it thereof, other than as explicitly permitted under these Terms; and (b) utilize the Teqstories Marks or the name, brand names, administration marks, or different materials of any Educational Partner regarding, or to transmit, any spontaneous interchanges or messages or for some other unapproved reason.

It would be ideal if you check all Content preceding use. On the occasion, you go over any Content that is wrong, encroaching, hostile, revolting, or questionable if you don’t mind telling us quickly at the location referenced at the base of this page.

Moreover, every now and then, Teqstories (or its outsider specialist organizations, for the benefit of Teqstories) may demand clients to survey Teqstories Content or beta-test the Platform. The works obtained from such action will remain the sole and selective property of Teqstories or its outsider specialist organizations, as relevant.

Educational Partners and Accreditation

Teqstories isn’t a University, however, an instruction specialist organization, offering Programs in meeting with Indian and International colleges, instructive establishments, legislative specialists, NGOs, corporates, and so forth (each an “Instructive Partner”).

Admission to the degree/confirmation projects of an Educational Partner is isolated from being acknowledged into as well as taking at least one Program. You concur and recognize that nothing in these Terms or in any case regarding the utilization of the Platform or any Program (an) enlists or registers you in an Educational Partner, or some other school, division, foundation or program of or related with an Educational Partner, and (b) permits you to access or utilize the assets or get any advantages or benefits of any Educational Partner, past the Programs.

Teqstories may offer certification or other affirmation for members who have acceptably exhibited authority of the Program material. The choice to grant any such accreditation affirmation to a given member will be exclusively at the carefulness of Teqstories. Teqstories may decide not to offer any accreditation or other affirmation for certain Programs. Teqstories may choose at its sole watchfulness whether to give a record concerning a member’s presentation in a Program. The configuration of any certification or other affirmation, and of any presentation, given by Teqstories identifying with Programs will be dictated by Teqstories at its sole tact and may shift from Program to Program.

You will be granted an endorsement of fruitful finishing of a (“Program Certificate”) after satisfying the rules and necessities of Teqstories and its Educational Partners. You recognize that any such Program Certificate granted may not be associated with any Educational Partner and may not remain in the spot of a course taken with an Educational Partner or pass on scholastic credit or confirmation for any Educational Partner.

You won’t get scholarly credit from Teqstories or some other Educational Partner for taking a Program. On the off chance that you are taking a Program for scholastic acknowledge or affirmation as an understudy of, or in any case through, an Educational Partner, any such credit or confirmation may just be granted straightforwardly by the Educational Partner dependent on its own approaches and strategies, and you might be required by that Educational Partner to be enlisted or selected with the Educational Partner so as to get credit or accreditation; and, regardless, Teqstories won’t have any power or obligation concerning any honor of scholarly credit or accreditation gave by an Educational Partner to a Program.

You recognize and concur that any Program subsidiary with an Educational Partner might be dependent upon the terms, strategies, and methods of the relevant Educational Partner notwithstanding Teqstories’ Terms. Without restricting the previous, in the event that you are an understudy enlisted or selected at, or are in any case joining in, an Educational Partner and are assuming a Program for praise or affirmation through that Educational Partner, you recognize and concur that (a) the Educational Partner may have its own terms, strategies or methods in regards to your qualification to partake in the Program, your interest in the Program, the necessities or requirements for getting credit or confirmation for the Program, as well as your instructive or understudy records as they may identify with your support and execution in the Program, and (b) your instructive or understudy records are kept up by the Educational Partner, including for motivations behind doling out credit or accreditation, and not Teqstories.

Teqstories’ Intellectual Property Rights

“Content” signifies all data and information, which may incorporate yet not be restricted to the message, programming, contents, illustrations, maps, photographs, sounds, music, recordings, logos, offers, ads, intuitive highlights, and different materials.

The Platform, Programs, and related administrations are claimed and worked by Teqstories and its licensors. All Content or other material accessible on the Platform or through the Programs, including however not constrained to on the web/live talks, discourses, video exercises, tests, introduction materials, schoolwork tasks, programming tasks, projects, code, and different pictures, text, designs, courses of action, shows, outlines, archives, materials, sound and video clasps, HTML and documents (all in all “Teqstories Content”), are the property of Teqstories and additionally its offshoots or licensors, and are secured by copyright, patent or potentially other exclusive protected innovation rights under Indian and remote laws. All products utilized on the Platform are the property of Teqstories and are secured by Indian and worldwide copyright laws.

Teqstories logos, brand names, and administration denotes that may show up on the Platform and in the Program (“Teqstories Marks”) are the property of Teqstories and are ensured under Indian and outside laws. Every single other brand name, administration imprints, and logos utilized on the Platforms, Online Courses, or Programs, with or without attribution, are the brand names, administration imprints, or logos of their particular proprietors. What’s more, components of the Platforms are secured in terms of professional career dress and other Indian and universal protected innovation laws and may not be duplicated, repeated, downloaded, or appropriated in any capacity in entire or to some extent without the express composed assent of Teqstories.

It would be ideal if you check all Content preceding use. On the occasion you go over any Content that is wrong, encroaching, hostile, profane, or shocking, it would be ideal if you inform us promptly at the location referenced at the base of this page.

Furthermore, every once in a while, Teqstories (or its outsider specialist organizations, for the benefit of Teqstories) may demand clients to audit Teqstories Content or beta-test the Platform. The works obtained from such movement will remain the sole and selected property of Teqstories or its outsider specialist co-ops, as pertinent.

Third-Party Intellectual Property

Teqstories regard outsider licensed innovation rights and effectively bolster the insurance of all outsider protected innovation including copyrights and brand names (“IP”). It is our strategy to speedily react to free notification from supposed IP encroachment. In the event that we get an appropriate warning of IP encroachment, our reaction to such notification will incorporate evacuating or incapacitating access to material professed to be the subject of encroaching movement.

Teqstories will not be held at risk for the unapproved utilization of any outsider IP, and the client that does such unapproved use or encroaches any IP accessible on the Platform will completely reimburse and hold Teqstories innocuous against any cases that may emerge because of such use.

On the off chance that you accept that your item or other work has been distorted or utilized in a manner that comprises copyright encroachment, or your protected innovation rights have been in any case abused, kindly give us the accompanying data:

  • An electronic or physical mark of the individual approved to follow up for the proprietor of the item, copyright or another licensed innovation intrigue;
  • A depiction of the item, work or other protected innovation that you guarantee has been distorted or encroached;
  • A portrayal of where the material that you guarantee is distorting or encroaching your item, work or other licensed innovation is situated on the Platform/Program;
  • Your address, phone number, and email address;
  • An articulation by you that you have a decent confidence conviction that the contested use isn’t approved by the proprietor of the item, work, copyright or licensed innovation, or its operator, or material law; and
  • An articulation by you, made under the punishment of prevarication, that the previously mentioned data in your notification is precise and that you are the item, work, copyright, or protected innovation proprietor or approved to follow up for such proprietor’s benefit.

For notification of questions or claims of copyright or other licensed innovation encroachment, if it’s not too much trouble interface with us at the location given at the base of this page.

Limited License

The administrations on the Platform are authorized, not sold. In light of your consent to these Terms, Teqstories awards you an individual, non-select, non-transferable, revocable permission to access and utilize the Platform and Programs, exclusively as per the Terms. You may download or duplicate the bits of the Teqstories Content accessible on the Platform for your own non-business and individual utilize just if you keep up all copyright and different notification contained in such Teqstories Content. You may not duplicate, sell, exchange, imitate, distribute, change, move, retransmit, circulate, financially misuse, or make subsidiary works of Platforms, Programs, or any Teqstories Content. You may not figure out, decompile, dismantle, or in any case code for any product that might be utilized to work the Platform or the Programs. Despite the prior, certain reference archives, advanced reading material and articles might be made accessible to you with the consent of outsiders, and the utilization of that data is dependent upon specific principles and conditions, and you consent to submit to every single such guideline and conditions.

You may not figure out, decompile, dismantle, or in any case, get to the source code for any product that might be utilized to work the Platform or the Programs. Occasionally, Teqstories may incorporate programming, code, directions, or other such data in the Teqstories Content for the Programs; any such data is given on a “with no guarantees” reason for instructional purposes just and is liable to the ‘Disclaimer’ and ‘Constraint of Liability’ areas beneath and different terms in this. Any utilization of such data for business reasons for existing is carefully restricted. Teqstories and additionally its offshoots and licensors save all rights not explicitly allowed thus to the Platforms, Teqstories Content, and Teqstories Marks.

Without constraining the consensus of the terms over, coming up next are sorts of employments that Teqstories explicitly characterizes as falling outside of the meaning of “non-business and individual use”:

  • The deal or rental of (I) any piece of the Teqstories Content, (ii) any subordinate works put together at any rate partially with respect to the Teqstories Content, or (iii) any aggregate work that incorporates any piece of the Teqstories Content;
  • The offer of access or a connection to any piece of the Teqstories Content;
  • Providing preparing, backing, or publication benefits that utilization or reference the Teqstories Content in return for an expense;
  • The utilization of Teqstories Content by a school, college, school, or other instructive foundation for guidance where educational cost is charged;
  • The utilization of Teqstories Content by a revenue-driven company or non-benefit substance for an inside expert turn of events or preparing; and
  • The utilization of Teqstories Content for show/transfer/making accessible at a spot that is open to the overall population in any way, including however not constrained to any online life destinations, video download locales, and deluges.

User Content

The Platform may permit you to transfer gathering posts, talk with different clients and Teqstories’ instructors, client conversations, profile pages, and other substance and media for social communication, or certain data and materials for use with the Programs, e.g., questions, hypotheticals, models, tasks, industrial ventures, and so (on the whole “Client Content”). Teqstories doesn’t guarantee responsibility for User Content you may submit or make accessible for incorporation on the Platform or Programs. In like manner, subject to the permit allowed to Teqstories over, the client will be the sole and selective proprietor of any rights, title, and enthusiasm for and to the User Content.

As for any User Content, you submit by means of the Platform or Programs or that is in any case made accessible to Teqstories, you, therefore, award Teqstories an unalterable, around the world, unending, sovereignty free and non-restrictive permit to utilize, circulate, recreate, change, adjust, openly perform and freely show such User Content on the Platforms or in the Programs or in any case abuse the User Content, with the privilege to sublicense such rights (to different levels), for any reason (counting for any business reason). Teqstories maintains whatever authority is needed to expel any User Content whenever and under any circumstances.

To the degree that you give any User Content, you speak to and warrant that (a) you have every single important right, licenses or potentially clearances to give such User Content and grant Teqstories to utilize such User Content as gave above, (b) such User Content is precise and sensibly complete, (c) as, among you and Teqstories, you will be answerable for the installment of any outsider charges identified with the arrangement and utilization of such User Content, and (d) such User Content doesn’t and won’t encroach or misuse any outsider rights or comprise a fake articulation or distortion or out of line strategic approaches.

Teqstories doesn’t control the User Content posted through the Platform, including any messages, audits, or remarks, and doesn’t ensure the precision, respectability or nature of such User Content. By no means will Teqstories be at risk in any capacity for any User Content, including any blunders or oversights, or any misfortune or harm or criticism of any sort brought about because of your posting or utilization of any User Content. You are liable for consenting to all the laws relevant to the User Content.

You are disallowed from posting the accompanying Content on the Platform:

  • Content that is false, obscene, or slanderous, or maligns, irritates, victimizes, hurts or undermines others;
  • Content that examines criminal operations, with the plan to carry out them;
  • Content that encroaches or misuses licenses, brand names, proprietary advantages, right of exposure, or other protected innovation privileges of outsiders;
  • Content that you don’t reserve the privilege to uncover;
  • Profane, explicit, disgusting, revolting or unlawful Content;
  • Advertising or any type of business requesting;
  • Content identified with factional political exercises;
  • Content that contains purposefully erroneous data or that is posted with the goal of misdirecting others;
  • Viruses, Trojan ponies, worms, delayed bombs, cancelbots, or other debilitating gadgets or other destructive segments planned to or that may harm, negatively meddle with, secretly catch, or confiscate any framework, information, or individual data;
  • Content that comprises of any high volume, robotized, or electronic intends to get to the Platform (counting without impediment robots, bugs or contents);
  • Content that disregards the privileges of different clients of the Platform; or
  • Content that disregards any relevant neighborhood, state, national or universal law or in any case advocates or empowers any criminal behavior.

Stage Security

You are precluded from abusing or endeavoring to disregard the security of the Platform or some other partner Platform of Teqstories, including, without restriction, (a) getting to information not planned for such client or signing onto a server or a record that the client isn’t approved to get to; (b) endeavoring to test, output or test the weakness of a framework or organize or to break security or validation measures without legitimate approval; (c) endeavoring to meddle with the administration to any client, host or system, including, without confinement, through methods for presenting infection to the Platform, over-burdening, “flooding,” “spamming,” “mailbombing” or “smashing;” (d) sending spontaneous messages, including advancements or potentially promoting of items or administrations; or (e) producing any TCP/IP parcel header data in any email or newsgroup posting. The infringement of framework or system security may bring about common or criminal obligation. Teqstories will explore events that may include such infringement and may include, and help out, law authorization experts in arraigning clients who are associated with such infringement. You make a deal to avoid utilizing any gadget, programming or routine to meddle or endeavor to meddle with the best possible working of this Platform or any movement being led on the Platform. You concur, further, not to utilize or endeavor to utilize any motor, programming, device, specialist or other gadget or component (counting without impediment programs, creepy crawlies, robots, symbols or savvy operators) to explore or look through the Platform other than the internet searcher and search specialists accessible from Teqstories on the Platform and other than for the most part accessible outsider internet browsers (e.g., Google Chrome or Microsoft Explorer).


The Platform and additionally Programs may contain typographical mistakes or errors and may not be finished or current. Teqstories, subsequently, maintains all authority to address any blunders, errors, or oversights (counting after a request has been submitted) and to change or update data whenever without earlier notification.

The Platform, Programs, and any data or Teqstories Content are given on a “with no guarantees” and “as accessible” premise with all issues.

Teqstories makes no portrayals or guarantees of any sort, regardless of whether communicated or suggested, as for Teqstories Content or administrations accessible on or through this Platform and Programs, including, yet not constrained to, the inferred guarantees of merchantability, qualification for a specific reason, and non-encroachment. Teqstories makes no guarantee that the administrations will meet the client’s prerequisites or that the administrations will be continuous, opportune, secure, or blunder free; nor does Teqstories make any guarantee with respect to the outcomes that might be gotten from the utilization of the administrations, or concerning the exactness or unwavering quality of any data got through the administrations, or that any imperfections in the product will be adjusted.

The client comprehends and concurs that the Teqstories Content and all other data, information, or other material downloaded or in any case acquired through or from the Platform or Programs is gotten at the client’s own prudence and hazard and that the client will be exclusively liable for any harm to the client, the client’s PC framework, electronic gadget or any loss of information that outcomes from the download of such material or information.

No exhortation or data, regardless of whether oral or composed, got by the client from Teqstories or through or from the administrations, will make any guarantee by Teqstories.

In the occasion, you find that the data gave on the Platform or Programs is erroneous, or on the off chance that you are the proprietor of any data or substance and wish that such data or substance isn’t shown on the Platform or Programs, mercifully tell us at the location given at the base of the page.

Limitation of Liability

Neither Teqstories nor any of its Educational Partners, subsidiaries, representatives, executives, officials, operators, merchants or provider will be at risk to you or whatever other individuals, regardless of whether in Tort, Contract, Strict Liability or something else, for any backhanded, unique, coincidental or noteworthy misfortunes or harms of any nature emerging out of or regarding the utilization or powerlessness to utilize this Platform or Programs, including, without impediment, harms for lost benefits, loss of generosity, loss of information, work stoppage, the precision of indexed lists, or PC/electronic gadget disappointment, infection or glitch. On no occasion will Teqstories be at risk for any harms in an abundance of ₹1000 or, on account of enlisted understudies, the charges paid by you regarding your enrolment into a Program.

Site Linking

The Platform may contain connections to pages on different sites (“Linked Sites”), and those Linked Sites may contain Content or offer items as well as administrations available to be purchased. Teqstories doesn’t create, alter, control, or screen these Linked Sites. You recognize and concur that (a) we have no obligation regarding the precision or accessibility of data gave by Linked Sites; (b) we don’t control or underwrite the backers of such Linked Sites or the substance, items, promoting, or different materials introduced on such Linked Sites; and (c) you consent to the terms and states of the Linked Sites. We may expel any Linked Sites from the Platform whenever with or without reason.


We value that Linked Sites may contain material on which the administrator of the Linked Sites has protected innovation rights. We regard those rights and give connections to data purposes as they were. The way that we have given connects to any Linked Site doesn’t make or suggest any relationship or organization with the administrator of such Linked Site.

You may not set up a connection to this Platform from some other site, application, intranet, or extranet site without our earlier composed assent. In the event that you wish to make joins, you may get in touch with us before doing as such. In building up joins, you should not speak to at all, explicitly or by suggestion, that you have gotten the underwriting, sponsorship, or backing of Teqstories, including its Educational Partners, separate workers, specialists, chiefs, officials, or investors.


You consent to repay and hold Teqstories and its Educational Partners harmless from all cases, liabilities, harms, misfortunes, and costs, including sensible lawyers’ charges and expenses, identifying with or emerging out of (a) your utilization or endeavored utilization of the Platforms or Programs disregarding the Terms; (b) your infringement of any law or privileges of any outsider; or (c) data or Content that you or others post or in any case make accessible on the Platform or through any Program, including without restriction any case of encroachment or misappropriation of protected innovation or other exclusive rights.

End of Rights

You concur that Teqstories, in its sole prudence, may deactivate your record or in any case end your utilization of the Platform or enrolment to a Program with or without reason, including, without impediment, if Teqstories accepts that you have (a) penetrated the Terms; (b) encroached the licensed innovation privileges of an outsider; (c) posted, transferred or transmitted unapproved Content on the Platform; or (d) abused or acted conflictingly with the letter or soul of these Terms or some other pertinent implicit rules. You concur that any deactivation or end of your entrance to the Platforms or Programs might be affected without earlier notification to you and that Teqstories will not be at risk to you nor any outsider for any end of your record or enrolment into a Program. You likewise recognize that Teqstories may hold and store your data on Teqstories’ frameworks despite any end of your record or enrolment into the Programs.

Miscellaneous Provisions

By tolerating the Terms through your utilization of the Platform, you guarantee that you are 18 years old or more seasoned. On the off chance that you are younger than 18 or under the legitimate age in your locale to go into a coupling contract, you may utilize the Platform just under the management of a parent or lawful gatekeeper who consents to be limited by the Terms. In the event that you are a parent or lawful gatekeeper consenting to the Terms to support a youngster under 18, be exhorted that you are completely liable for his/her utilization of the Platform, including every single monetary charge and legitimate risk that he/she may cause. By utilizing the Platform, you speak to and warrant that you have the right, authority, and ability to go into the Terms and to keep the entirety of the terms and conditions put forward in this. Projects are not for the utilization of people younger than 18 years.

Teqstories may unreservedly move or allot any bit of its privileges or agent its commitments under these Terms or any Program explicit terms. You will not move or allot, by the activity of law or something else, any bit of your privileges or represent your commitments under these Terms or any Program-explicit terms without the earlier composed assent of Teqstories.

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